European Unitarian Universalists
Affirming the inherent worth and dignity of every person
EUU Fellowships

EUU groups meet for worship and discussions in many cities in Europe. The meetings are generally held once or twice a month and are usually conducted in English. "At Large" members are spread over most of the countries of Europe but are not affiliated with a particular fellowship.

EUU Fellowships

Location Contact Information Meetings
At Large (EUU members not affiliated with a particular fellowship)
E-mail Contact
At EUU Retreats — and other periodic meetings
E-mail Contact
+32 2 2450156
3rd Sunday
Germany, Kaiserslautern E-mail Contact 2nd & 4th Sundays 
Germany, Wiesbaden E-mail Contact 1st & 3rd Sundays
France, Paris
Switzerland, Basel
Switzerland, Bern
Switzerland, Geneva

The Facebook pages of EUU Fellowships are listed under EUU Online at the bottom of our homepage.

Links to other Unitarian and UU groups (outside of EUU) in Europe and around the world. The Links page also has links to some related organizations.

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