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Fall 2017 Retreat

Registration will open in September.

Engaging the Heart, Ways to Spirit

with the Reverend Diane Rollert


October 27–299
Corsendonk Sol Cress Center
Spa, Belgium 

“As Unitarians and Universalists, we have the freedom to chart our own spiritual paths, yet we live with a challenging dichotomy. We’re often caught in thinking mode. We question and we analyze, while our hearts cry out for deeper spiritual experience.”

In this weekend retreat, Rev. Diane Rollert will help us to engage the heart in search of a UU spiritual practice. 

This retreat is hosted by the Netherlands Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Your contact is

EUU Retreats

EUU weekend retreats offer a unique combination of spirituality and fun, offering everything from worship to walks in the forest to late-night jam sessions. Retreats are mainly a time to connect with other Unitarian Universalists living in Europe. So many options are available that participants can emphasize whatever aspect they prefer.

We gather on Friday afternoon and our first meal together is Friday dinner. That evening we get to know one another and share candles of joys and concerns. Saturday morning our guest minister gives a theme talk. Saturday afternoon will offer a wide choice of workshops or a walk in the forest, and then choir practice for anyone who would like to sing at the Sunday service. Saturday evening is our Cabaret Night/Open Stage when we enjoy talent and humor from participants of all ages. Sunday morning is our worship service, followed by lunch. Children and teens have their own exciting program throughout the weekend, though some activities are intergenerational.

You won’t want to miss the fall retreat, whether this will be your first time or you are a frequent retreater. Please join us and bring your talents: can you lead a workshop, play an instrument at our worship service, sing in the choir, help with the children and youth program, entertain us on Cabaret Night, play or sing along after hours?

About our speaker, the Reverend Diane Rollert

In 2006, Rev. Diane Rollert became the 11th settled and first female minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal since its founding in 1842. She completed her studies in parish ministry and Masters of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School in 2005, after careers in the online information industry and education.  She was the Canadian Unitarian Council’s 2011 Confluence Lecturer, focusing on post-secularism, and served as minister to the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines while on sabbatical in 2012. She serves on the board of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council and was vice president of the UU Ministers of Canada.  She has appeared on television, testified before the National Assembly’s commission on secularism, and has been published in Quebec’s English and French press regarding Bill 60, the proposed Secular Charter, among other issues.  She has been a key leader in the fight for religious freedom, having formed a group called Femmes qui croient en la femme (Women Who Believe in Women) and having worked closely with members of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal to produce a series of videos celebrating Quebec’s diversity.

The Retreat Site

The EUU Fall Retreat 2017 will take place at the 
Corsendonk Sol Cress Conference Center
Spaloumont 5
B-4900 Spa Belgium 
+32(0)87 77 23 53

The EUU has held many retreats at this location (formerly known simply as Sol Cress), and we are excited about returning to this lovely site in the Ardennes forest with its views and hiking trails. Playground equipment behind the main building is available for the pleasure of the little ones, and a soccer field, pool table and ping pong table occupy the bigger kids. The bar for coffee and drinks, which is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. with billiard, video games, and board games, welcomes you in its dining area or its living room with open fireplace.

There are many tourist attractions and recreation areas near Sol Cress. 

Staying an Extra Day

You can arrange to stay another night at Corsendonk Sol Cress by directly contacting our English-speaking liaison: Angelique Vanhecke (phone +32(0)87 77 23 53 or email Angelique at Please mention that you are participating in the EUU weekend.   

The Spa (Bring your bathing suit!)

Spa has been known for its healing waters since Roman times. Since the 16th century, it has been world-famous as a resort town where one would go to "take the waters." Fountains of various springs are found throughout the town and bottles of locally bottled SpaTM water are readily available at the site. Plant tours are available.

The modern spa complex ("Les Thermes") is a stone's throw from Sol Cress. Their pools (Les Bains) are open daily to the public. For adults, the fee is €20
 for a 3-hour visit and €31 for full day. You must bring your bathing suit and two bath towels. For spa health or beauty treatments (Soins), reservations are required. 

All information is available at

How do we get to Spa?

Located in the French-speaking province of Liège, Spa is situated in a romantic valley, some 35 km (22 miles) southeast of the city of Liège, and 45 km (28 miles) southwest of Aachen. 

By car: There is plenty of parking space at the site, which is located up the hill from the town center. The map below illustrates how to get there via Exit 8 from the A27.

 By train or plane: It is not hard to reach Spa by public transportation. 

How Much Does It Cost?

All retreat participants will be able to stay on site.

The price for an adult in a shared double room is only a little more than €200. We have low, family-friendly prices for children. 

Room Description Adult

(13-18 yrs)

(2-12 yrs)
(0-1 yrs)
Single Room €240/260 n/a n/a 0
Shared Double Room €210/230 €50 €30 0

(meals but no room)


Important Notes:
Single rooms are subject to room availability and confirmation of payment. 

Some of the double rooms have private bathrooms and some of them share the bathroom with the adjoining room. It will be possible to indicate your preference when you register. Subject to availability, rooms will be assigned according to preference upon confirmation of payment.

Roommate requests must be matched, finalized and paid prior to confirmation.

Registration will open in September.

EUU retreat grants: We try to keep the prices of our retreats within reach of most people, but we understand that some people still may not be able to pay the full cost. That is why EUU has a grant fund. Please consider adding a little extra for the grant fund when you register.

To apply for a grant write to EUU Treasurer at We help as many EUU members as we can, and all requests are handled confidentially.

Children and Teens

RE (youth religious education) is appropriate for children and teens ages 4+.
For children 3 and under, a babysitter is available.
More information about the young people's program will be available before the retreat. . 


Saturday afternoon we offer workshops led by volunteers. Workshops are interactive and usually last 90 minutes. Is there a topic you would be interested in presenting as a workshop? Past topics vary from spiritual to ethical topics, journal writing, art, or can be music, dance, or yoga. Send us your proposal when you register, and we will contact you in advance to confirm.


The musical offerings are numerous and varied at every EUU retreat. Our choir welcomes all voices, and after a rehearsal on Saturday, we offer two anthems at the Sunday morning service. Bring your instrument if you have one, and play either at the Sunday service or at the Saturday cabaret night. Please let us know when you register if you can bring an instrument.


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