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The Fall 2017 Retreat,  Engaging the Heart, Ways to Spirit was in Spa, Belgium.  
The Rev. Diane Rollert was our theme speaker.


The Spring 2017 Retreat was part of EUT2017 Faith Without Borders
 in Ulm, Germany, organized together with
the German Unitarians,
 Unitarier - Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens.

Our theme speakers were The Rev. William Schulz (The Limits of Dignity. Is Democracy Incompatible with Human Nature?)
and Prof. Dr. Manuela Kalsky (
Flexible Believers and the Search for a New We).

The Fall 2016 Retreat, Who's Your Neighbor? What Love Requires of Us,
 was in Frankfurt, Germany.
The Rev. Marlin Lavanhar was our theme speaker.

The Spring 2016 Retreat, God No!
 God Yes! was in Mittelwihr, France.
The Rev. Rebecca Parker was our theme speaker.

The Fall Retreat 2015 
Singing for Our Lives: Power for Our Journey Together was in Köln (Cologne), Germany. 
The Rev. Mark Belletini was our theme speaker, and we were joined by musicians from The Unitarian Music Society (UK). 

The 2015 Spring Retreat was April 10–12, 2015 in Oberwesel, Germany. 
Our theme speaker was The Rev. Dávid GyerÅ‘. 


The Fall 2014 Retreat was in October 2014 in Spa, Belgium. 

Our theme speaker was the Rev. Meg Riley.



The Spring 2014 Retreat was in April 2014 near Melun, outside of Paris.  

Our theme speaker was the Rev. Chris Buice.



The Fall 2013 Retreat was in November 2013 in Oberwesel, Germany.

Our theme speaker was The Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt.

The Spring 2013 Retreat was in April 2013 at Mittelwihr, France.

The Reverend Mark Morrison-Reed was our theme speaker.



Retreat Location Theme Speaker Dates
Fall 2015 Köln-Riehl Jugendherberge 
Cologne (D)
Rev. Mark Belletini  30 Oct1 Nov
Spring 2015 Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D) Rev. David Gyero  1012 Apr
Fall 2014 Sol Cress, Spa (B) Rev. Meg Riley
1719 Oct
Spring 2014

Le Bois du Lys, Dammarie-lès-Lys (F)

Rev. Chris Buice
1113 Apr

Fall 2013

Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D)

Rev. Rosemary McNatt

13 Nov

Spring 2013

Le Centrede Mittelwihr
Mittelwihr, Alsace (F)

Rev Mark Morrison-Reed

1214/15 Apr

Fall 2012

Köln-Riehl Jugendherberge
Cologne (D)

Rev Abhi Janamanchi

2628 Oct

Spring 2012

Rolduc, Kerkrade (NL)

Rev William Sinkford

2022 Apr

Fall 2011

Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D)

Rev. Derek McCullough

46 Nov

Spring 2011

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Walt Wieder

14 Apr

Fall 2010

Mittelwhir, Alsace (F)

Rev. Peter Morales

2931 Oct

Spring 2010

Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D)

Rev. Wyman Rousseau

911 Apr

Fall 2009

StayOkay Hostel, Maastricht (NL)

Rev. Kate Braestrup

30 Oct–1 Nov

Spring 2009

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Brian Kieley

35 April

Fall 2008

Jugendgästehaus Traben-Trarbach (D)

Rev. Jill McAllister

31 Oct2 Nov

Spring 2008

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Dr. Charlie Clements

1820 Apr

Fall 2007

Jugendgästehaus Aasee, Münster (D)

Rev. Dr. William F. Schultz

2628 Oct

Spring 2007

Akademie Schmöckwitz, Berlin (D)

Rev. Mark Belletini

1315 Apr

Fall 2006

Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D)

Rev. Gordon Oliver

2729 Oct

Spring 2006

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Laurel Hallman

2830 Apr

Fall 2005

Rolduc, Kerkrade (NL)

Rev. Wyman Rousseau

2123 Oct

Spring 2005

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Dr. Dan Cozort

Rev. Karen Tse


Fall 2004

Ctr. Intl. de Séjour, Reims (F)

Rev. Dr. David Johnson


Spring 2004

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Don Harrington

Rev Karen Gustafson


Fall 2003

Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D)

Rev. Mark Belletini


Spring 2003

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Barbara Pescan


Fall 2002

Rolduc, Kerkrade (NL)

Rev. Fred Small

Rev. H. LeGrand


Spring 2002

CPCV, Saint Prix (F)

Denise Davidoff

Olivia Holmes

57 Apr

Fall 2001

Rolduc, Kerkrade (NL)

Phil Cousineau

Rev D. Harrington

2426 Oct

Spring 2001

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Jane Rzepka

Rev Ken Sawyer

68 Apr

Fall 2000

Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D)

Rev Istvan Kovacs

68 Oct

Spring 2000

Rolduc, Kerkrade (NL)

Rebecca Armstrong

79 Apr

Fall 1999

CPCV, Saint Prix (F)

Betsy Williams

2224 Oct

Spring 1999

Bad Homburg (D)

Rev. Kenneth W. Phifer

68 Apr

Fall 1998

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev Mark Belletini


Spring 1998

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Beaudreault


Fall 1997

Hübingen im Buchfinkenland (D)

Rev. Dr. Khoren Arisian


Spring 1997

Le Normant / Dourdan (F)

Rev. Dr. Thjandeka


Fall 1996

Univ of Kent, Cantebury (UK)

Rev. Judith Walker-Riggs


Spring 1996

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Dr. George Kimmich Beach


Fall 1995

Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D)

Rev. Mark Belletini


Spring 1995

Woudschoten Zeist (NL)

Rev. Carolyn Owen-Towle


Fall 1994

Le Normant, Dourdan (F)

Dr. John Buehrens (UUA)


Spring 1994

Jugendgästehaus Oberwesel (D)

Rev. Scott Alexander (CLF)


Fall 1993

Käte-Stroebel-Haus, Lieberhausen (D)

Rev. Judith Meyer

Rev. William Grace


Spring 1993

Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (D)

Rev. Judith Walker-Riggs


Fall 1992

Woudschoten Zeist (NL)

Rev. Leonora Montgomery


Spring 1992

Le Kleebach, Munster (F)

Dr. Rev. William Schultz


Fall 1991

AFRC Chiemsee (D)

Rev Gary Kowalski


Spring 1991

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Rev. Ken MacLean


Fall 1990

Berchtesgaden (D)

Rev. Frank Schulman

Rev. Leonora Montgomery


Spring 1990

Woudschoten Zeist (NL)

Rev Robert Hill (UUA)


Fall 1989

Le Kleebach Gunsbach (F)

Rev. Andrew Hill

Rev Lucienne Kirk


Spring 1989

Saint Prix (F)

Caroline Boyle-Turner


Fall 1988

Schloß Ebernburg, Bad Münster (D)

Rev Carol Wintermute

Rev Diether Gehrmann


Spring 1988

Den Dolder (NL)

Denise Tracy


Fall 1987

Sol Cress, Spa (B)

Carol Wintermute


Spring 1987

La Roche, Ardennes (B)

Revs. Mark & Donna Morrison-Reed


Fall 1986

Ebernburg, Bad Kreuznach (D)

Rev. Trevor Jones

Rev. Steve Dick


Spring 1986

Woudschoten Zeist (NL)

Rev. Eugene B. Navias


Fall 1985

Ebernburg, Bad Kreuznach (D)

Dr. Roy and Carol Smith

Rev. John Clifford


Spring 1985

Woudschoten Zeist (NL)

Rev Tom Chulak

Rev. Ken MacLean


Fall 1984

Freizeitdorf Ostertal, Darmstadt (D)

Rev. Tom Shepherd

Rev. Steve Dick


Spring 1984

Venoude (NL)

Bishop Josef Ferencz


Spring 1983

Venoude (NL)

Planning Meeting – Dutch




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