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European Unitarian Universalist Retreat
Order of Service for 14 April 2013 Worship

Music for gathering Untitled, by Albert Manders
Mindfulness Bell
recording taken from
Prelude Andantino, by C.P.E. Bach
Welcome Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed
Opening Words Each Day, from Kristen Harper
Chalice Lighting words adapted from Rosemary Bray McNatt
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Gathering Hymn We Give Thanks, by Wendy Luella Perkins
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Teaching Tale What Does it Mean to Help?
Song #413 Go Now in Peace
Go now in peace.
Go now in peace.
May the spirit of love surround you
everywhere, everywhere you may go.
(Children leave for RE during the hymn.)
New Member Recognition
Meditation spoken and silent
Hymn When Our Heart is in a Holy Place, by Joyce Poley
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Reading Out of the Strong Comes Something Sweet,
from from Jackie Clement
Musical Interlude by EUU Choir Székely Blessing, by Elizabeth Norton
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Sermon The Little Boy, Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed
Offering What a Wonderful World, by Weiss & Thiele
Departing Hymn The Fire of Commitment, by Jason Shelton
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Closing Words A Prayer for Living in Tension, by Joe M Cherry
Postlude Alegro, by C.P.E. Bach
including expressions of appreciation and announcement of next retreat

Our grateful thanks to our Musicians:
Albert Manders, Cornelie Eichrodt, Beate Monreale, John Keating, Brenda Barbour, Marcie McGaughey, and the EUU Choir!

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