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Registration for EUT 2017 is now closed. Hope to see you at the fall retreat!
The 2017 Spring Retreat is special!

First All-European Assembly of Unitarians and Universalists

EUT  European Unitarians Together

 Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Germany, June 2-5
(one day longer than usual, with 2 exciting theme speakers)

For details, see the EUT-2017 website,

You can download the program with complete information here.

Who: EUU members, friends, visitors and newcomers, members and friends of the URFG (Unitarier - Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens), musicians from the First Unitarian Society of Newton, MA, Unitarians and UUs from Austria, the UK, Prague, and many other countries. 
Theme Speakers: Our two main speakers will address different aspects of our theme: Faith without Borders (or limits)

Flexible Believers and the Search for a New We

 Prof. Manuela Kalsky, Professor of Theology & Society, Free University Amsterdam

Professor Kalsky is in charge of the Dutch multimedia project "New We," which aims to strengthen social cohesion and the capacity to live with others from different cultures and religions. She regularly engages in public debate about the role of religion in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society.

My aim is to make connections between believers of different religions, and also among believers and secularized people. My current research project on multiple religious belonging, about people who embrace more than one religious tradition, and people who mix elements of different world views and religious traditions."

The Limits of Dignity: Is Democracy Incompatible 
with Human Nature?

The Rev. William Schulz, President Emeritus, UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee)

"William Schulz... has done more than anyone in the American human rights movement to make human rights issues known in the United States." — The New York Review of Books, June, 2002

Bill Schulz, a former UUA President and former Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, has been a popular and inspiring speaker at more than one EUU retreat over the years. We are happy to welcome him to this historic European gathering.

The conference will be held at the beautiful Edwin-Scharff-Haus, on the south bank of the Danube, overlooking the old quarter of Ulm, which has the world's tallest church tower. It is also the birthplace of Albert Einstein.  

Photo courtesy of 
Ulm/Neu-Ulm Tourismus GmbH

A letter from the EUU Executive Committee

European Unitarian Universalists
Paris, France

Statement in support of Deputy Bishop Dávid Gyerő
March 15, 2016
To whom this may concern:
We European Unitarian Universalists declare support for Dávid Gyerő, Deputy Bishop of the Hungarian Unitarian Church, in his personal statement of February 5, 2016. We stand with Dávid Gyerő and the other Romania church leaders who have spoken out against the proposed amendment to paragraph 48 of the Romanian constitution, which would redefine marriage under Romanian constitutional law as the union between one man and one woman. The reverend’s letter has been published as a personal statement on the website of the Hungarian Unitarian Church and an English translation has been provided on Facebook
Romania is signatory to the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and as such has pledged to take steps toward reducing discrimination. We European Unitarian Universalists assert that amending the Romanian Constitution to exclusively grant the right to marry to a legally defined man and a woman is a step back in the advancement of human rights for European citizens. 
Unitarian Universalists have witnessed in our communities the growth and advancement that comes through diversity. A fundamental principle of our faith, and we believe the best qualities of all faith traditions and of humanity, is the respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person.
To deny consenting adults the right of a legal union in marriage denies those individuals their dignity and the legal rights associated with marriage, and renders Romanian and European Society less equitable. Furthermore, we are deeply concerned that this degradation of equity could unintentionally lead to further discriminatory practices and human rights violations in Romania and Europe.
We, the undersigned representatives of the European Unitarian Universalists, declare our support of Deputy Bishop Dávid Gyerő’s personal statement. We strongly oppose the proposed amendment to paragraph 48 of the Romanian Constitution.


Matt Gilsenan Jeanette Wild-Sievers
President Vice President
Tony Zamparutti John Hertz
Secretary Treasurer
Tina Huesing Jodi Ellen Stolzenbach
Social Action Co-Coordinator Social Action Co-Coordinator

About EUU

Founded in 1982, European Unitarian Universalists (EUU) is a religious community and network connecting Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and UU fellowships in Europe. Approximately half of the more than 200 members belong to local lay-led fellowships that share resources and programs (including Religious Education). The remaining members, known as "at large" members, are spread over most of the countries of Europe but are not affiliated with a particular fellowship.

EUU publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Unifier, and sponsors twice-yearly retreats in various locations. Recent retreats in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany have each attracted up to 150 Universalists and Unitarians from across Europe.

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